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Our objectives are:

  • Absolutely satisfied clients.
  • Irreproachable qualitatively and aesthetically homes.
  • Respect in the character and the beauty of Paros.

In order to achieve our objectives we have created our model of work, based on:

  • Experience
  • Know-how
  • Professionalism
  • Reliability
  • Attention on details and finishing

The following chapters constitute our Construction Contract:

  • Stages of work
  • Materials of construction
  • Timetable of work
  • Guarantee of work
  • Bureaucratic Completion
  • Cost of construction stages
  • Timetable of Payment
  • Terms of Agreement

Basic condition to begin the construction of a new house is the planning permission to be granted by the building authority. The construction and completion of a new house requires planning in different sectors like

  • Water connection
  • Constructional electricity supply
  • Telephone connection
  • Builder's insurance (IKA)
  • VAT settlement
  • Contract for permanent electricity
  • Constructional Work

The constructional work is separated in three main stages:

  • Shell of the house (main structure)
  • Internal finishing and fittings
  • External space (garden, boundary walls etc)

In Practice In order to archive a perfect result, all the construction details have to be considered and programmed at first.

House design

We will organize brainstorming sessions together with you and our architect to plan your future house exactly as you wish to. We will analyze any of your ideas and we will provide our opinion for any question or dilemma you might have. When the architect plans are finalized, the civil engineer will undertake to draw the constructional plans and to apply for the planning license.

Costumer's wishes

After we know theoretically how the house will be, we need to find out how it would be in practice also. This is the step that we need you at the most. We will have detailed discussions "head to head" to choose all the material and the fittings for your house. We build "tailor made" houses to fit to your aesthetical wishes and practical needs.


Now is the time that we have to calculate everything and find out what exactly your future house will cost.

Our proposal is to fit your budget to your wishes.

We will give you the cost of each constructional stage based on the price and the quantity of materials and work, not per sq. meter of the house

We will make together the time plan of the work and the time plan of the payment to fit to your program.

Our prices include:

  • Constructional cost (labor and materials)
  • Builder's insurance (IKA)
  • Civil engineer's fee
  • Water, electricity and telephone connection
  • Bureaucratic completion
  • The costumer as guarantee of completion deducts 10% of total cost


The following chapters constitute our Construction Contract:

  • Stages of work
  • Materials of construction
  • Timetable of work
  • Guarantee of work
  • Bureaucratic Completion
  • Cost of each construction stage
  • Timetable of Payment
  • Terms of Agreement


To complete the construction of a new house there are, in average, twenty different technicians required. We have concluded and cooperate only with the best Greek contractors. For each constructional stage, we use always the same people in order to offer to all of our clients the same high quality.

We do not undertake more than three projects per year because our philosophy is based on quality, not on quantity.

In order to give you a specific example for the order of the constructional works we need a description of a hypothetical house. Assuming that we undertake to construct:

A two-storied stone house with 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms and 3 verandas in the ground floor, kitchen, living room, fireplace, WC and 2 verandas in the 1st floor, swimming-pool, barbeque and garden in the exterior space with stone boundary walls.

The proper order of the constructional works is as follows:

1st Constructional Stage - the shell of the house

  • Excavation
  • Fitting of sewage system (cesspool)
  • Concrete pillar for electricity box
  • Concrete skeleton (wood shuttering, reinforced concrete)
  • External stonework
  • Wood ceiling roof with insulation
  • Internal varnish and staining of the roof
  • Internal brick walls
  • Excavation for the swimming pool
  • Concrete skeleton of swimming pool
  • Stone boundary walls
  • Site clearance

2nd Constructional Stage - Internal finishing and fittings

  • Preparatory work for the fitting of internal doors
  • Preparatory work for the fitting of external doors & windows

Preparatory work for plastering ("drivers")

  • Electricity lines (electrician)
  • Skeleton of the fireplace
  • Water and waste lines (plumber)
  • Plastering
  • Central heating lines
  • Marble seals for doors and windows
  • Preparatory work for fitting the metal railings
  • Floorings (tiles, marble, timber)
  • Completion of the decoration of the fireplace
  • Fitting of external doors and windows
  • Fitting internal doors
  • Installing the bathroom fittings
  • Connection with water - sewerage system
  • Completion of electrical wiring, connection with electricity
  • Fitting of metal railings
  • Preparatory work of painting
  • Fitting the kitchen cupboards and bedroom wardrobes
  • Kitchen tiles
  • Completion of the central heating (boiler, radiators, etc)
  • Completion of paint work 3rd Constructional Stage - External Space
  • Fitting the barbeque
  • Fitting of the tiles of the swimming-pool
  • Installation of the machinery of the swimming pool
  • Completion the paving and the drive way
  • Completion of the garden

When all the above constructional and bureaucratic works are completed, our job is finished and the house is ready to be delivered to its owner.




  • D173B
    Property id: D173B | Location : Kampos
    EUR 450.000
  • C203
    Property id: C203 | Location : Marpisa
    EUR 80.000
  • B125
    Property id: B125 | Location : Kamares
    EUR 150.000
  • C43
    Property id: C43 | Location : Dryos
    EUR 350.000
  • B183B
    Property id: B183B | Location : Filizi
    EUR 4.200.000
  • C117
    Property id: C117 | Location : Marpisa
    EUR 25.000
  • A122
    Property id: A122 | Location : Kounados
    EUR 120.000
  • D178
    Property id: D178 | Location : Glyssidia
    EUR 210.000