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The traditional Paros stone houses constitute an important part of the character, the history and the cultural heritage of the area. We believe that it is really pity to remain devastated and to ruin more and more, as the time is passing by.

The most of these houses are dated by the 18th and 19th century. In these days, people use to have different techniques and materials. They were extremely careful with the location of the house, they needed to be sure for the substratum of the plot because they were using the substratum itself as the foundation of the house.

You still can see houses with enormous stone walls build up on a solid rock! This is how they were ensuring the stability of a house and they were right! Houses two and three hundred years old are still standing without being effected of any earthquake.

To restore an old house like that you need special knowledge and experience, it's not any easy job that many people can do!

Scopas Property Development is a construction company in Paros that undertakes the renovation of an old house

In practice

In order to archive a perfect result, all the construction details have to be considered and programmed at first. Our civil engineer will check throughout the shell of the house and he will determine for the necessary improvements. We will organize brainstorming sessions together with you and our architect to plan the "new" traditional house as you wish to. We will analyze any of your ideas and we will provide our opinion for any question or dilemma you might have. We will have detailed discussions "head to head" to choose the material and the fittings for your house. We build "tailor made" houses to fit to your aesthetical wishes and practical needs. When the planning permit is granted we will start to restore your house.

To complete the restoration of an old house there are many different technicians required. Scopas Property Development has concluded and cooperates only with the best Parian contractors. For each constructional stage, we use always the same people in order to offer to all of our clients the same high quality. Scopas Property Development does not undertake more than three projects per year because our philosophy is based on quality, not on quantity.

Our company through private contracts with our contractors provide :

  • Ten years guarantee of work
  • Time penalty in case of delayed completion

Our job is to create a high quality house that combines the original character with all the modern comforts.


Scopas Property Development quotations are based on prices and quantity of materials and work. We calculate together with you the final cost of any idea and any alternative option, so before you take a decision, you know exactly how much it will cost.

Prices include :

  • Constructional cost (labor and materials)
  • Builder's social insurance (IKA)
  • Architects fee
  • Connection with water, electricity and telephone

Restoration contract

The following chapters constitute our Restoration contract :

  • Stages of work
  • Materials of construction
  • Timetable of work
  • Guarantee of work
  • Bureaucratic Completion
  • Cost of each construction stage
  • Timetable of Payment
  • Terms of Agreement