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We are a couple living currently in Switzerland and are in love with Greece and especially the islands since the 90’s. We so decided to buy a property in Paros 4 years ago and started looking. After two years of search and quite bad experiences with different sellers we found a property which was offered by Scopas.   

This was a lucky day for us!

Scopas is the best company for real estate in Paros. Scopas Real Estate will give you the best counsel about the right property you need as well as all needed information about the purchase. We had more than two hours discussion before even starting to visite the different real estate locations. This initial interview with Scopas owner Manolis helped a lot to decide what property would be the best for us! If you need construction or architectural advice, you have found the best partner with Scopas. We decided to purchase our property with Scopas! If we had to buy a new property again, we would go again for the services of Scopas!!!