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TEL. (+30) 2284024731

Hampel R. Belgium

After my stay on Paros in February I know that with Manolis I have a reliable partner, friend and help there to continue my research of a property.
Thank you again for the two weeks I could spend in your company visiting your propositions and the open office-door to gather more informations.
I appreciated all these additional serious advices concerning the legal and financial terms buying a property, all the differences and what has to be taken care of, for instance the real independence of land.
Thank you also for the solid information about the construction of a house, the work-flow with all the people involved in the building, the time table and, important enough, the accounting and billing. I got a clear impression of what I have to expect and I know that I could initiate a construction any time and it would be well treated by Scopas. I simply can trust you in every sense which is extremely important.